ARM Explores “Firm of the Future” Strategies at 2019 BKR Conference

ARM is among more than 50 global accounting firms that visited the “Gateway to the Pacific” for the BKR International Americas Regional Meeting, May 18-21, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. ARM is a member of BKR International, a leading international association of independent accounting and business advisory firms. For almost 30 years, BKR has connected members and their clients with global experts and resources, including host member firm Lohn Caulder LLP in Vancouver.

With this year’s theme of “The Firm of the Future,” the Americas conference featured experts on change management, streamlined cloud and blockchain technologies, high-growth strategies, hiring for the firm of the future, and business transitions. Leadership and change accountability expert Michelle Ray, of “Lead Yourself First Enterprises,” discussed how self-directed leadership is essential in the face of technology’s rapid revolution, especially given the impact of AI and other disruptors on the accounting profession. Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D., founder of Hinge, introduced a “high-growth manifesto” based on years of groundbreaking research on high-growth accounting firms and professional services. Technology expert Roy Keely of Right Networks addressed change through the lens of high-growth firm technologies that are adding client value and streamlining operations.

“In my short time as chair of BKR’s Worldwide Region, I am amazed at the participation and sharing that occurs through BKR events,” said Manuel Rangel, Jr., president of BKR member firm CPC Rangel, S.C. (Mexico City). “Our exclusive approach to selecting independent accounting firms for membership allows leaders to openly discuss their challenges and to learn new ideas from each other.”

For example, a panel of firm leaders shared their best practices for social media and marketing strategies, while another session of experts discussed cross-referral services available through BKR member firms for R&D credits and cybersecurity assessments.

BKR Americas Chair Karen Brenneman, CPA, MT, and managing partner of Hall, Kistler & Company LLP (Canton), noted that the Americas Region offers a rich and diverse alliance of independent accounting firms and consultancies to help firms grow, from Vancouver in western Canada, all the way to Chile in South America. “Managing the firm of the future will require a trusted association of professionals, and we already enjoy these close relationships through BKR.”

BKR International is the sixth largest global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms, representing the expertise of more than 160 independent accounting and business advisory firms in over 500 offices and 80 countries. For more information visit