“Jock Tax” Update: Cleveland Files Motion for Reconsideration

Cleveland city attorneys filed a motion for reconsideration in response to the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision that the city’s method for taxing professional athletes is unconstitutional (click here to read our previous article regarding ruling).  Hunter Hillenmeyer, formerly of the Chicago Bears, successfully took the city to court and is due to receive a partial refund as a result of the recent ruling.  Among several reasons shown in the city’s motion for reconsideration, they provide a strong argument that the United States Supreme Court case precedent says that an apportionment method must only be reasonable and that their method does not grossly distort the result  The city even cited Tom Brady’s ongoing “Deflategate” controversy as support in their attempt to maintain their historical method for taxing athletes.

While it is a common occurrence for losing sides to file such motions, it is very unlikely the Court will reconsider their 7-0 unanimous ruling in favor of the former NFL player.  The city of Cleveland has not yet announced what new method they will adopt now that their preferred method has been struck down.

To read the complete motion for reconsideration filed by city attorney’s, click here.